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This is where I hope to upload some short videos and audio.

"Legends of DX", Tall Tales and Big Antennas, is a 42 minute video produced for the Southern California DX Club. The club realized that they were losing many of their legendary members. These are interviews with W6HX, W6EA and K6OJ.

"Entertaining" "Don't miss it!"

"Legends" is a non-profit venture, hoping only to recoup the cost of production so that the club can continue the project. The tapes are $10.00 plus $3.00 shipping. I have a few left. Email me for further info!

"The W8DX Key Collection"

A ten-minute tour of 110 telegraphy items, created for the sale of my collection.

Each item is carefully photographed and the video is set to a classy jazz score. The tape runs about ten minutes and would make a great addition to your library of historical and exotic antiques. I'll send you the tape at my cost, $8.00 post paid! Send an Email

Bunny Friedman (N6OVX) and Al Friedman (K6YRA) visiting OZ4MD in Denmark. Al is a prominent DXer and appears in the "Legends of DX" video.  

My friend, Skip Bolnick, climbs towers for a living! I'd really like to make a stop-motion video of a large tower being assembled.

There aren't many people out there doing what Skip does and the skill he has acquired through years of experience allows him to do work normally done by large crews... all by himself.

Skip also does satellite and CATV installations and many tasks that make you wonder "who does something like that?" He travels, climbing belt in hand, all over the world.

Skip is Communication Service Company, you can reach him by E-MAIL.

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